Your Go-To AI Voice Recorder PLAUD NOTE Just Cracks $10 Million In Sales

Your Go-To AI Voice Recorder PLAUD NOTE Just Cracks $10 Million In Sales

This milestone isn’t just a win; it’s the start of what’s next, keep tuned!

PLAUD NOTE, one of the product offerings by PLAUD AI, is breaking new ground among other entrants of AI devices, surpasses the milestone of $10 million in sales supported by 70,000 users worldwide.   As the world’s #1 ChatGPT4 empowered AI voice recorder, PLAUD NOTE is pioneering the connection between AI and real-life data to boost productivity for teams and organizations.

Launched in 2023, PLAUD NOTE has quickly become the go-to AI notetaker for tech enthusiasts, students, and professionals. By integrating ChatGPT-4, PLAUD NOTE doesn’t just record—it converses, understands, and synthesizes unstructured information into organized formats intuitively and seamlessly.

All-In-One AI Recording Assistant

PLAUD NOTE is tailor-made for the chaos of real-life meetings, lectures, and brainstorming sessions. It allows you to seamlessly capture recordings of meetings, phone calls, and voice memos on the go.

The device leverages OpenAI's Whisper algorithm to transcribe recordings into precise texts and powered by GPT4 to provide instant and accurate summaries in the form of meeting notes, mind maps, to-do lists, and more.

It's like having a all-in-one AI recording assistant who remembers everything and is always one step ahead.

And for people who prefer sync everything on computer desktop, PLAUD AI is now also available on PC browser >>>


PLAUD AI is an AI native hardware + software company that builds minimalistic form factors which connect AI with real life to enhance efficiency and productivity in the professional and personal lives of its users. Its first product, the PLAUD NOTE, has achieved over $10M in sales to date. PLAUD AI is currently self-funded. To learn more, please visit